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Top Gear Russia? (in English)

From my thread on FinalGear.com forum:

Hi guys. Sorry in advance for my English. Finally a great reason to start my first thread on FG forum. I’m an editor of russian fan blog about Top Gear. On saturday someone published in our LiveJournal community (in fact it’s just a feed) higly interesting information about possibly forthcoming russian version of Top Gear show. I asked that guy if he understand the consequences of unveiling such closed content. He almost completly removed his post on that, leaving just basics. I saved his post and pictures beforehand. I wish he didn’t sign NDA stuff )) I’ve decided to edit his images — I removed user interface of video-editing software spotted in his screenshots leaving just the interested fragments, hope it’ll save his employment for some period )
Here is his translated post, original orthography saved:

    Filming of russian version of Top Gear has began in Moscow.
    Airing (possibly) on REN TV (in february).

    Hosts — Nikolai Fomenko, Mikhail Petrovsky, ?????? (undefined now).
    By the way, REN TV plans to show new series of BBC’s TG

another user asks here about the source

    It’s internal information from production company that films all this stuff.
    Only track filmings have started.
    The track build on the place where one former trade fair used to be.
    As for cars for various stars that attempt to set best time on the lap they use sports LADA Kalinas in red.
    The Stig has been spotted on the shooting set (of course «not that Stig», but tracksuit, boots and gloves are white. Helmet is exactly the same as The Stig has.
    Stars that appeared in track-runs are Yuri Grymov (films director), Masha Tsigal (fashion designer), Carina Cox («Tutsi» music group), Demchenko (Olympic skeleton champion), Aleksey Mitrofanov (politician) and someone else.
    Next shootings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
    On Monday seems they film Alpina B-3 Turbo, some Lexus and Fiat.

And pictures from casting he attached.
Top Gear Magazine Russia issues visible on first two shots.

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